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Events of Jazz-Club Trier e.V.
SWT Jazzfest am Dom
SWT Jazzfest am Dom Location and Date/Time: Domfreihof Trier, Whit Saturday and Sunday, starting early afternoon, ending 22:30 h [ Day Plan 2018 ].
We organise this festival on Trier’s most beautiful place in co-operation with Kultur am Dom (KaD).
During two days, we present a wide program variety of the regional big band and Old Time Jazz scene. There is no entrance fee! — But we ask our guests to buy a festival button which will enable us to continue this wonderful event.
This festival is kindly sponsored by Stadtwerke Trier (SWT) ⇒ Logo Stadtwerke Trier
The musical highlight is the show of an international star guest on Saturday or Sunday evening, usually featured by one of the regional big bands (sometimes — e.g. 2009, 2012 and 2013 — we invited an international star band instead).

Ack van Rooyen  Herb Geller  Bart van Lier  Greetje Kauffeld  Lasse Lindgren
Star Guest 2002
Ack van Rooyen (NL)
Flugelhorn (Bugle)
  Star Guest 2003
Herb Geller (USA)
  Star Guest 2004
Bart van Lier (NL)
  Star Guest 2005
Greetje Kauffeld (NL)
  Star Guest 2006
Lasse Lindgren (SV)
Bert Boeren  Hayati Kafe  Alice in Dixieland  Birgitte Laugesen  Joe Gallardo
Star Guest 2007
Bert Boeren (NL)
  Star Guest 2008
Hayati Kafe (SV)
  Star Band 2009
Alice in Dixieland (NL)
  Star Guest 2010
Birgitte Laugesen (DK) †
  Star Guest 2011
Joe Gallardo (USA)
Swingin’ Fireballs  Die Zwillinge  Ack van Rooyen  Lothar Stadtfeld  Lines for Ladies 
Star Band 2012
Swingin’ Fireballs (DE)
  Star Band 2013
Die Zwillinge (DE)
  Star Guest 2014
Ack van Rooyen (NL)
Flugelhorn (Bugle)
  Star Guest 2015
Lothar Stadtfeld (DE)
  Star Guest 2016
Lines for Ladies (DE/USA)
Zoltan Kiss  Lothar Stadtfeld          
Star Guest 2017
Zoltan Kiss (AT)
  Star Guest 2018
Lothar Stadtfeld (DE)

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# 00001SAT 03.06.2017 at 13:00 h

SUN 04.06.2017 at 22:15 h
More information: Entrance fees, venue, ... We think this event is a highlight!  
17. Jazzfest am Dom - Starband des Sonntag(!)-Abends: Rhythm & Blech Big Band (http://rhythm-and-blech.de) feat. Zoltan KISS (tb) (Domfreihof): »Big Band des Gymnasiums Hermeskeil (Laid Back)« More information about the event · »Big-Band der Kreismusikschule Trier-Saarburg« More information about the event · »Bigband der Universität Trier (Swing-UniT)« More information about the event · »Bigband des Gymnasiums Konz« More information about the event · »Jazz- und Pop-Chor Trier« More information about the event · »LuxOnions« More information about the event · »More Than Swing« More information about the event · »Peter Berg Jazzorchester« More information about the event · »Rhythm & Blech Big Band«
  • Band Name: »Rhythm & Blech Big Band«
  • Band Size: 23
  • Band Origin: (Trier Area)
  • Style: Bigband
  • More Information about the BandClick picture!
  • »Rhythm & Blech Big Band«
  • [ Close Information ]
· »Rhythm & Swing BigBand e.V.« More information about the event · »Saxomania« More information about the event · »Seniors of Swing« More information about the event

Entrance fees are announced as Normal price / Reduced price. Club members, students and pupils pay the reduced price. Children under 13 years get in for free.
We propose to buy our Annual Season Ticket which gives you free entrance to almost all Club events.
All copyrights on pictures shown here are at the musicians/bands. You may not use it for own publications without their written permission.