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Jazz Opera


This was a word premiere, and it was BIG: Jazz opera BLUE SHEETS was the biggest TUFA production ever. It took place in Walzwerk Trier, old industrial halls just behind the main station, and almost 180 artists — two orchestras, two choirs, soloists, dancers and many others — presented Jazz in very new blue clothes.
It was at the same time the highlight of Tufa’s 30th birthday celebrations. The play tells the story of a cloth factory, and whatever happens, it could happen today. ...
Premiere: Saturday, 7th of November. More performances 8th, 10th, 26th, 27th, and 28th of November.
More information in our flyer (click on the picture!) or on Facebook.

Idee & Music: Nils THOMA
Libretto & Direction: Stefan BASTIANS
English Texts: Birgitte BUDDIG THOMA
Choregraphy: Reveriano CAMIL
Technique: Ulrich SCHNEIDER
Costumes: Carine CEGLASKI
Organisation: Teneka BECKERS
Organisation/Sponsoring: Klaus REEH